Good Bones Vodka Tasting

I am so looking forward to this night. I have never drunk Vodka so I especially want to try some under expert guidance from Good Bones Distilling.

Also remember, you can bring Guests along to The Wanganui Club for a Tasting as well, Vodka that is.

Thursday 20th July 5:30 PM for tasting at 6:30 PM

Good Bones Vodka Tasting

Good Bones Vodka

Introducing Good Bones: Crafting Premium Spirits while Rescuing Food Waste

Embarking on a journey fueled by passion and determination, Vaughan Campbell, a high-performance motor mechanic and award-winning distiller, transformed his dream into reality. Years of home brewing laid the foundation for Vaughan’s ambition to establish a small batch distillery, a legacy he wished to leave behind for his children to cherish. However, fate had a different plan when a leukemia diagnosis shook his world, urging him to seize the moment and pursue his aspirations.

But then, the world was struck by the unforeseen wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ethanol, a key ingredient for distillation, became scarce as it was diverted for the production of hand sanitisers. Aware of Vaughan’s expertise, his boss approached him with an unconventional request to create ethanol for fuel. Nevertheless, after careful research, it became clear that producing ethanol at the required volumes was not economically feasible for the workshop.

One fateful night, as Vaughan watched a news story shedding light on the environmental impact of food waste, inspiration struck like a lightning bolt. An idea formed in his mind—to utilise his distilling skills to salvage surplus food within his local community, transforming it into exceptional, premium spirits.

Driven by this newfound purpose, Vaughan stumbled upon the Innovate Whanganui competition while scrolling through late at night. Igniting the spark within him, he awakened his slumbering wife and passionately unveiled his grand vision. Though slightly annoyed, his wife went back to sleep, while Vaughan immediately began crafting his entry for a premium craft vodka, emphasising the reduction of food and packaging waste. With the support of Whanganui and Partners, The Factory, and invaluable mentors, he dedicated ten intense weeks to an accelerator course, honing his concept and refining his business model.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. Vaughan courageously stood before a panel of five esteemed judges, ready to pitch his idea in a riveting “Dragon’s Den” style showdown. The outcome surpassed his wildest dreams—a resounding victory! He was awarded a $10,000 grant that would kickstart his venture and transform his tiny seed of an idea into a flourishing business.

With his cancer under control thanks to medication, Vaughan’s unwavering determination propelled him forward. Waste not, want not—taking a rescued 1978 boiler from a local sweet factory, he ingeniously modified it into a still. Establishing connections with local bakeries, he salvaged their unsold treats, ensuring no delectable morsel would go to waste. The result? Good Bones—a collection of meticulously crafted, small-batch premium spirits, exclusively sourced from the finest ingredients found in New Zealand. Every batch of Good Bones spirits rescues a minimum of 10kg of surplus baked goods, saving them from the fate of the landfill.

Vaughan’s remarkable journey is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity, and community support. Join us in raising a glass to Good Bones, where extraordinary spirits and a commitment to sustainability intertwine harmoniously. Together, let’s savour the flavours of New Zealand, while making a meaningful impact on our environment, one sip at a time.

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